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Road Safety Around Schools

At Bulli Public School, road safety is a high priority as we endeavour to ensure our students are safe at all times. 

All students are provided with Road Safety Education as part of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum. Our families are provided with timely reminders about road safety through the newsletter and families joining us in Kindergarten are provided with a range of resources to support their understanding of road safety rules and issues around schools.

The school has a crossing on Haig Rd that is supervised by a trained crossing supervisor. Our students are escorted to the after school bus and students who live on the eastern side of the Princes Hwy cross at the traffic lights on Hobart St before using the overhead pedestrian bridge to make their way home.

'Road Safety Issues Around Schools', prepared by the NSW Government outlines the key points to remember.

  1. In and out of the car
  2. Driving near school buses
  3. On and off the bus safety
  4. Hold your child's hand
  5. Helmet and safety on wheels
  6. Safety around school crossings
  7. 40km/h school zones

Please take the time to read through this very important document as your child's safety is everyone's concern.

Road Safety Around Schools (pdf 587 KB)